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September 15, 2011 / hpclevelandstater

More information on faculty union contract

CSU’s chapter of the American Association of University Professors ratified a three-year contract proposal on Sept. 1. Here are more details on the deal, which the Board of Trustees will vote on Sept. 22:

– Minimum salaries: instructor – $45,000; assistant professor – $51,000; associate professor – $57,500; professor – $70,000.

– Minimum promotion increments: instructor to assistant professor – $3,000; assistant professor to associate professor – $6,000; associate professor to full professor – $9,000

– Across the board cost-of-living adjustments – .75 percent the first two years and 1.25 percent the third

– Merit awards pool: 35 awards of $4,000; 65 awards of $2,000 and 105 awards of $1,000

The changes to faculty pay for summer courses will be of interest to students hoping to catch up or graduate early. Faculty will only be paid at the full-time rate up to six credit hours. Any hours beyond that will be at the part-time rate.

Students who have had classes canceled in summers past probably don’t want to hear about anything that gives professors less incentive to teach during the summer. However, CSU-AAUP President Jeff Karem said that’s not the case.

He said there is no shortage of faculty who want to teach in the summer, and that the union believes having faculty teach summer classes improves retention and graduation rates.


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