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July 8, 2011 / hpclevelandstater

CSU-NEOMED: Patience, then patients

A look at the priorities section on the CSU Advancement Office’s website gives you a good idea of where the CSU-Northeast Ohio Medical University partnership stands.

It’s one of five entities the agency has identified as its most important for donations.

The partnership has an enthusiastic leader in Mark Penn, who is splitting time between CSU and the NEOMED campus while getting the program together. He even has double-sided business cards.

Penn is engaging and energetic while promoting the program.

With that said, the public should be patient while waiting for the CSU-NEOMED partnership to produce its first physician.

The first of the 35 students (per year) selected for the CSU-to-NEOMED path won’t be making it to medical school until 2013. They have to takes classes at CSU to prepare for NEOMED first. Then it’s four years of medical school and 3 to 5 years of residency.

CSU will have three students separate from the program enter NEOMED this fall. They won’t receive partnership funding, but they will also have the freedom to choose their emphasis.

Most people know becoming a doctor takes a long time. But the partnernship’s first batch of CSU alums are two years away from getting to NEOMED. So it’s patience first, then patients.


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