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June 30, 2011 / hpclevelandstater

Blackboard is a website? I knew that

While working on a story about technology on campus, it reminded me of my first day back at CSU in January 2009.

I had been away from school for more than seven years. Some of the new ways of doing things, such as registering online, weren’t surprising.  I was caught unaware of one, though.

My first class was in MU 107, the lecture hall in the Music/COM building. After the syllabuses were passed out, one student asked the instructor, Dr. Patty Burant, if she used blackboard.

I thought my classmate was asking because she was sitting in the back and wanted to know if she needed to move up front for the lectures.

Turns out blackboard was Blackboard, the website that houses all of our class information. I knew that. Of course I did.

Not to sound old, but things are a lot more convenient than they were in my first go-around. For example:

– You can register for class, pay tuition, orders book and a get parking pass online.

– If your instructor is Blackboard savvy, everything you need is housed on the class site. In the fall, I had a professor who didn’t pass out a syllabus. It was up to us if we wanted to print it or not.

– You can find out about class cancellations via voicemail, email or text message.

Before students registered online, it could have turned into an adventure if you waited until the week before classes started (never happened with yours truly, of course).

If, while meeting with your adviser, you discovered a class was almost full, you had dash over to the third floor of Fenn Tower and hope no one else signed up while you were in line. Then you had to go down to the floor level of Fenn to the Bursar’s Office to pay the bill. Then it was on to the bookstore and parking. It involved a lot of waiting, and because you waited until the last minute, there was no one else to blame.

Did I mention that there was always a foot of snow and Fenn Tower was 10 miles away back then?


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